“When I moved into a new office, I decided to start with all new computers, a new server and updated software.  We have multiple software applications that required communication between the software. Sharon did all the research for each software company to determine the requirements necessary for the workstation computers and server and how they can bridge between them efficiently. She implemented all hardware and software seamlessly and made the transition very simple and error free.  She is always attentive to all the needs of my staff and any computer issues that come up. Sharon has made my life simpler since I know I can trust her to take care of my office in a timely manner.

My favorite feature she provided is access to the server remotely which allows me to get the information I need without having to go to the office. She is great at offering her expertise for computer solutions based on what our office may need. All of her suggestions help my office run more efficiently, computer solutions I would never have been aware of.

She is great at problem solving, and if she does not know an immediate solution to the problem, she researches the issue and comes up with several solutions that will work and implements the best fix for our office. I am often asked who our IT person is and always recommend Sharon. Anyone who works with her agrees she is easy to talk to and efficient in her computer solutions.”

— Dr. Martin Rogers, DDS
Best Endodontics of Glenview, Ltd., Glenview, IL