“Sharon Meyer has been my IT consultant for over 20 years. I also referred her to three of my clients who have been happy clients of hers for decades. Her excellent service and knowledge make me look good and make her a valued member of my referral team.

And here is an example of the service Sharon provides her clients.  One morning I opened my computer and one of my programs was not working correctly. I closed it and rebooted. It became apparent that nothing was working right. Panic set in. Of course I was on a deadline. I called and emailed Sharon. Within a few minutes she answered and logged in to my computer. She deduced that my hard drive had major problems. We could get a free replacement form Dell, but that would take two days. After ordering the hard drive, Sharon worked some magic so I could work for the two days. And she backed up my entire hard drive to make sure I wouldn’t lose anything. The drive was delivered. I brought her my laptop. And she cleared her calendar to install it in record time. That kind of service is priceless, and her fees are actually quite reasonable.”

— Iris Marreck
iris b. branding & communications, Northfield, IL